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About Government Shared Services

Government Shared Services logo in top left corner. Text saying 'Supporting You, Supporting Government' in bottom left corner. Title in centre says 'Future Shared Services' Rest of graphic depicts these 'future shared services', including cloud software, automation, chatbots and a customer hub. All of this is against a backdrop of a collection of images that represent the world in which public servants work, such as office buildings, work environments, outdoor space and home environment. In the foreground, a hand holds a mobile with a list of services public servants use such as booking leave and claiming expenses. Around the image, text highlights how future shared services will support civil servants as they support government.

Government Shared Services is part of the Cabinet Office. We are a centre of expertise sitting at the heart of government and working across departments to transform shared services in line with the Shared Services strategy for government.

Government employees rely on HR and finance services to process internal transactions like expenses, leave, payslips, and financial approvals.

Sharing these services across government supports effective and efficient Departmental administration and enables civil servants and others in the public sector to focus on delivering government priorities and public services.

To deliver transformed shared services across government, we:

● act as the centre of expertise across government for shared services design and implementation
● support a community of shared services experts, helping them share lessons learned and best practice
● support the HR, Finance and Commercial professions in delivering global designs, and support this through technology
● manage the relationship between Her Majesty's Government and Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL), which delivers shared services and a single operating platform (SOP) to a number of departments and arms-length bodies (ALBs)

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